Craps 101: Types of Craps Bets

When you join a craps table, the first thing that greets you is a maze of patterns, numbers and colors that remind you of a roulette betting board. And in fact it serves the same purpose. There are all types of craps bets. It can be quite intimidating for new players especially in a live casino. Thankfully you don't have to know all about these craps bets to enjoy this exciting game.

Types of Craps Bets

In every instance, you place your chips on the area on the table corresponding to your bet.

"Pass Line" - You hear about this all the time. It's the most basic craps bet there is. The shooter will roll the dice for an initial spin. If the result is an 11 or a 7, the pass line wager prevails. It will not win if the result is 2, 3 or else 12. All other numbers are turned into the shooter's point number, which means he or she must roll that same number again to win the bet. Shooter rolls the dice indefinitely to get the point unless a 7 is rolled. Then the bet losses. Pays even or 1 for 1.

"Don't Pass Line" - This is like an opposite of the pass line wager but not quite so. If the shooter hits an 11 or a 7, the don't pass line wager automatically loses. A 3 or 2 means a win and a 12 signifies a push. In case there is a point, the don't pass line bettors must hope for the shooter to hit a 7 before the point so their bet will win. Pays even money like the pass line.

"Come" - A come wager is pretty much the same as the pass line bet. The same winning numbers and point conditions apply. However a come bet can be made at any time during the game, not just at the shooter's first roll.

"Don't Come" - This is the mirror image of the don't pass line wager. It is the opposite of a come bet.

"Free Odds" - A free odds bet is a follow-up wager to your original passline types of bets and come types of bets (including their opposites). The nice thing about free odds bets is they are paid at true odds. Casinos usually pay at less than true odds so they can make money.

"Big Six" or "Big Eight" - When you make this wager, you are hoping a 6 or 8 (whichever you bet on) will come out before a 7. (Why 7? Well, out of all the possible totals, 7 has the most possible combinations.)

"Place" - You will read about place bets too. These are two types of place bets: win and lose. A place win means you are counting on 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 (the point numbers) to roll before 7. A place lose means the reverse. Place bets are paid out at different rates.

"Buy" - The buy wager is a wager that again, the point numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 will roll before 7. A buy wager is paid at true odds but the catch is that there is a house rake of 5% for this bet.

"Lay" - The reverse of a buy bet.

"Any Seven" - A bet that the next result will be any combination that totals number 7.

These are just some of the many types of craps bets you can make. It is better for you to stick with the simpler wagers like pass line and don't pass line when you are starting out.

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