Learning Dice Throwing Techniques in Craps

Craps is an interesting game to play for it is the only game in the world that teaches players the art of holding and throwing dice. In the course of the game of craps, one has surely observed the dice tosses of different players that have resulted in different outcomes. Some have lost, some have won. Some throws are even so outrageous and some even pathetic.

To players of craps, it is a thing to consider when an average person throws the dice 2500 times in a game month? And out of those throws make a profit or loss? It is an interesting observation in itself.

Every casino has strict policies on how players must handle and toss the dice. Some of the polices go this way: players can only hand dice with one hand. The dice must never leave the boundaries of the craps table. The dice should not be tossed very high and should not surpass the height of the dealers.

Lastly, the force of the toss should not make the dice bounce around in different directions. The dice should be able to bounce and hot the end wall. With these as the policies, it is easy to see why other players are disqualified when they have outrageous dice tosses.

Dice Basics

The grip of the dice is the best way to start learning the proper dice throw. For most people who play, they simply pick up the dice and cup then in the center of their palm or grasp them in between their fingers.

The mere holding of the dice has sparked a lot of controversy and also superstition as well. Some people believe that the way the dice is handled reflects they way the dice would turn up.

Some players have special grips on the dice. There is the so called tong grip, the lock grip, the 5 finger grip, the 2 finger crab grip and others.

Although they have many names, they all speak of how to handle the dice. Some even go further by pointing the 6 pips in the direction of the table and must have it flat on their palm so that the win is insured. Some prefer to have the one pip facing upward so that when the dice rolls, it would Rolland show the side with 6 pips.

Some players combine their "patented" grips with a controlled arm, hand and shoulder movement to further "seal" the throw. Some even have strict rules to follow when throwing, like the arm must be aligned diagonally with the table for the dice to achieve its full potential. Some players go to great lengths to go through different moves just to win at the game.

Whatever the move is, as long as one has fun on playing and throwing in craps, there should be no problem as far as fun is concerned. If profit is on ones mind, one has to think up new strategies and perhaps invent a new "grip" to go with it.

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